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I had a distinct privilege to observe the development of an assortment of low-cost electronic instrumentation developed by EIM Technology, ideally suited for learning electronics, performing an assortment of experiments to understand basic electric circuits, circuit analysis and gain the foundational knowledge of electronics.

Ash M. Parameswaran, PEng, Ph.D., Professor, School of Engineering Science Simon Fraser University / Vancouver

MEGO - I quite like this power supply. It docks to a breadboard really neatly, and has a built-in display for output voltage. The range is a bit wider than specified, I measured the lowest voltage of 3.6V, and the highest at 27V. The built-in voltage display seems to be accurate enough. It comes with a few accessories: - micro-usb charging cord - two small screwdrivers to adjust the voltage - usb-A to alligator connectors - usb-A to barrel connector The last two cables allow using this power supply without a breadboard. Quite pleased overall, recommended!

Gimli / Canada

Traffic Light Control Module | Live on Kickstarter

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